About Us

Wishing you well and hoping business is good for you. Welcome to JC Enterprises your source for Crystals, Unique gemstone Jewelry and more.  For over 20 years JC Enterprises has been supplying retailers with quality merchandise that sells quickly, great prices and stellar customer service.  For all of our long time customers thank you so much for your loyalty and continued support. We are grateful every day for that and will continue to work hard to supply you with quality merchandise that gets you the turn over you need to have a successful store.

For those of you that are just hearing of JC Enterprises or opening a new store welcome.  We look forward to serving you in the future as we have hundreds of stores over the past 20 years.  We shop for merchandise at all the major shows including Tucson, Denver and Franklin. Over the years we have developed great friendships with foreign vendors and miners that only come to the US a few time a year.  Most of the jewelry we offer are one of a kind pieces manufactured in Bali giving us and your store unique piece you won’t find anywhere else. We also get merchandise made here in the US from craftsman and artist providing us and your store the unique one of a kind items. These relationships and buying in bulk allows us to provide your store with quality merchandise at great price. This saves you time and the money it takes to get to and shop these major shows.   JC Enterprises packages its stones in 8oz, 4oz and 2oz bags rather than kilo and pound bags.  This allows your store to carry a larger variety of stones without having your money tied up.  The other big benefit of working with JC Enterprises is we gladly exchange merchandise that does sell in your store.  While most of our merchandise moves quickly it is nice to know you can return for credit what doesn’t.  We will continue to work hard to offer this to your store and the loyal customers we have served for years.  Go to JCWEBSITE.COM and enjoy shopping with us.